Agronomix Appoints New President

Winnipeg’s Agronomix Software, a developer of plant breeding software, has appointed Christopher Leonard as its new president.

Christopher Leonard, President Agronomix Software Inc.

Since 2008 Leonard (Member of the Chartered Institute for IT, UK) has been an important part of the Agronomix team. His reach has been from basic support to web development; sales and service to accounts receivable. He was the first voice-on-the-phone of Agronomix Software for several years. And has spoken with many clients during his time with the company. After completing a Business Analysis course with Villanova University, he relocated to Europe in 2013 to focus on the European, African and Indian markets.

Dieter Mulitze, founder of Agronomix Software Inc., retains his role as CEO.

“This is an exciting time in the seed industry and in Agronomix Software,” says Leonard. “I have seen constant growth in the company during my time and the industry has changed at an impressive rate.”

With the worldwide acceptance of cloud-based software solutions and consequently the incredible growth seen in sales and adaptation of the company’s AGROBASE Cloud platform, Leonard will provide strategic input in its ongoing business development and related client support.

The Agronomix sales team will expand further in 2018 with Leonard overseeing the entire team as well as ensuring quality assurance and service for clients.

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