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Getting started with Genovix

Kidist Kibret PhD. discusses getting started with Genovix
Dr. Kidist Kibret, Breeding Software Professional

Since starting at Agronomix, I have excitedly been getting started with Genovix myself.

Genovix, which combines power with simplicity, is the new plant breeding software from Agronomix Software. Genovix is built based on the knowledge gathered from thirty years of development of AGROBASE. As well as input from users around the world. I have worked with several plant breeding companies and research groups in different parts of the world, but I have never come across anything like Genovix. There’s nothing out there as good and complete as Genovix.

To consider getting started with Genovix we have to consider getting started in plant breeding. A typical workflow of a plant breeding program is all covered in this one software system. From an inventory of genotypic information to creating crosses with a crossing matrix. From experiment and trial design across locations, seasons, years to field plan. Tablet and mobile app for data entry in field. Both options of GUI based and user-defined functions for data analysis. All layers of data are interconnected in a relational data stream management system. Data visualization and report generation tool for labels with barcodes, instant presentations, reports, posters and much more. And if all of these do not satisfy your needs, you get custom made tools to suit your specific breeding program and crop species.

Challenges of Plant Breeding

The release of Genovix is timely. Apart from secured funding, the biggest challenge a plant breeder faces today is big-data analysis and management. Like any other discipline, new technologies from marker development to phenotyping, coupled with multinational breeding programs have resulted in unprecedented data management issues. In this article, I will first point out the major challenges from my experience and then explain how this breeding software system solves them.

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The server data analysis queue and IT personnel frustration

If local computers and company servers cannot handle your data analysis, Genovix has a solution. Cloud computing eliminates the need to invest in high computation capacity computers, which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cloud also facilitates IT support specialized to that software. IT personnel and bioinformaticians in universities and companies are overwhelmed by the rapid evolution of software, data formats and data size.

The wrong seeds planted

Imagine how much money is lost. Genovix solves this problem by the seed inventory and barcoding system that relates seed-lots to experiments, field plans and other data within a relational database system.  

Inefficient and stressful data entry

Scrolling and entering data in Excel under time stress is no longer necessary with the Genovix app instant access to a plot. And you do not have to worry about your mobile capacity since the data is saved in the cloud and delivered to your computer instantly.

Too many independent software packages and file format

With Genovix, no more need to learn several new software, R scripts and packages and ponder which one is suitable for your dataset. Genovix also eliminates the need to deal with several file formats for input and output that come with using several data analysis platforms. Formatting files according to requirements of each program is going to be a thing of the past. Tired of opening and searching through several files and documents? With Genovix, filtering, sorting and searching through multiple datasets is a few clicks. Moreover, Genovix is adapted to computer systems across the world.

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Disconnected Data

Manually interconnecting the different data from Excel, notes, Word document, pictures is inefficient data mining both for analysis and report-writing. The endless copy-paste to prepare reports, presentations and posters from hundreds of files in your computer is no longer necessary if you get Genovix. With Genovix, writing report and presentation from multilayered data is just a few clicks away.

Field plan and randomization

Imagine saving time doing the field plan, randomization along with the experiment design, genotypes pulled instantly out of the system. No more linking different Excel files together, going back and forth different programs for field design and randomization to Excel.

Big data is a conerstone of getting started with Genovix

I have faced big data analysis hands-on during my PhD work in Germany. I entered a pool of plant breeding data from several breeding companies across Europe including KWS and NPZ. The project involved hundreds of personnel all with different qualifications and experience. But we were all perplexed by the complexity of handling large datasets that the multinational breeding program entailed. Thinking back, I wonder how much time and effort we could have saved if we had Genovix. I think there is still valuable information hidden in that heap of data to-date, waiting for the right software to mine it out. 

In Conclusion

Getting started right with any software is important and at Agronomix I am here assisting users getting started with Genovix in the best possible ways. I import and I setup. I help, I teach and I advise. There is more to getting started with Genovix than just buying our software, entering and managing your data. I can teach you to analyse your data better, create more detailed reports and consider all the tools available in Genovix.

Whether you have years of historical data stored in Excel or are now starting your breeding and agronomy projects, Genovix will suit your needs. Genovix accommodates all types of crops from cereals to vegetables, from crops to ornamentals. The software covers not only breeding but also agronomy research.

Whatever your plant breeding software needs, let us show you Genovix. We believe you will be surprised at what you can mine from your own data.

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