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8 MASSIVE Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is becoming the new norm these days. With the massive benefits of cloud computing, each day, more organizations are adopting the technology. But what really is cloud technology? And how is it making such significance on the internet? In simpler words, Cloud computing may be called computing that is based entirely on the Internet. It makes consumers life hassle-free because now you do not have to download software from a server. You can run amazing applications and software directly from your web browser.

You are already Using Cloud Computing Without Knowing

Today, when you use social media to update your status, Google drive to save important files, or enter your online banking portal, you are using cloud computing. The wide adoption of cloud computing can be estimated with the fact that 90% of businesses in the United Kingdom are using a minimum of one cloud service. Furthermore, businesses all over the globe are going serverless. Cloud Computing services not only make software and application use much easier for consumers, but also cuts the cost efficiently for businesses to operate better.

Are you already curious to know more about cloud computing benefits? Let us help you know more about the massive benefits of cloud computing.

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8 Benefits of Cloud Computing Your Business can have!

Cloud computing can help businesses in many different aspects. These 8 Benefits of Cloud computing can enable you to set up your office virtually, getting the flexibility of connecting to your business location free.  

Cost-Efficient Solution

If you are moving to cloud computing, you can reduce the costs of managing and maintaining IT systems. Here is the big deal, with cloud computing you will directly cut the expensive equipment costs that your business had to bear. You will be able to easily afford to pay for cloud computing services from a reliable vendor.

You will be able to cut the operating cost of IT services by:

  • System Upgrades (Purchase cost of new hardware and software to maintain server)
  • No need to hire expert maintenance staff.
  • Faster performance, lesser delays.

Cloud Enabled Business Scalability

Unlike traditional operations, you can scale your business up at a full pace or down at a lower scale by changing storage and cloud computing service packages quickly. You are not stuck with one large-scale hardware choice, suffering from more and more upgrade issues.

Your service provider will ensure the smooth working of all hardware operations and will handle the upgrades for you. This will free up your time and resources, helping you to expand better and focus more on your business.

Security & Business Continuity

Your data will need protection and business needs its continuity to keep running smoothly. Cloud computing will secure your data and provide you with business continuity planning. In unexpected situations like a natural disaster, power, or maybe any unimagined crises. Using cloud computing is the safest option because your data is backed up and protected in a secure location. You will be able to counter the situation more quickly and access your data again. This minimizes the downtime, thus increases productivity, even in unforeseen situations.

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Opportunity for Easy Collaboration

The most widely used benefit of cloud computing is easy collaboration. Your colleagues can easily share files and access data from any possible location via the internet. Your employees can work on the same project from different locations and access the files easily. Unlike traditional methods where the physical location was a barrier while collaborating.

Today, working from home is only possible due to enormous, useful cloud computing-based applications, which make it easier to work and collaborate from anywhere.

Automatic Updates

Your cloud service provider may include access to automatic updates with your IT service charges. You can enjoy the latest technology updates without any worries as they are covered in service charges*.  Access to automatic updates includes regular software updates, server speed, and better computer processing powers. (* Depending upon your service provider.)

Competitive Edge

Cloud infrastructure gives you a strategic advantage against your competitors. Without spending your time and money on installations, it helps you access the latest infrastructure and applications at any time.

Unlimited Storage Capacity

As discussed earlier, cloud computing makes your business scalable, but how much? Well, only the sky’s the limit. With Cloud you can have limitless storage capacity. You are not stuck with any hardware limits, because as long as you can buy more from a vendor, he will happily continue scaling his package for you!

Quick Deployment

Most important and the most significant factor for any IT business is quick deployment. Your business will get a rapid deployment facility with cloud computing. Your system can be functional in minutes. The hardware, and software environment is already up and running for your deployment day. However, the actual time taken depends upon the software and what technology you have used. But the technical part is rock solid to get started.

In Conclusion

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It seems that each year more massive benefits to cloud computing appear. With COVID-19 causing countless individuals to work from home, we have seen a huge rise in benefits to cloud computing. As well as an increase in the use of cloud technologies.

At Agronomix, we have been using and advocating for Cloud-Tech for several years. Launched in 2016, AGROBASE Cloud has been very popular among our clients. And interest in Genovix Cloud is even higher. We continue to research and review new and emerging technologies with a view to including them in our software.

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