Christopher Leonard, President, Agronomix Software Inc.

Christopher originally trained in accountancy before moving into Information Technology focusing on support, hardware assembly and software installation for a vegetable processing company in England. He is an alumnus of the London School of Economics (MBA Essentials) and Villanova University (Master Certificate in Business Analysis) as well as Member of the Chartered Institute for Information Technology ( and the International Institute of Business Analysis ( Christopher has been President of Agronomix Software since August 2017. He has been responsible for helping Agronomix Software to grow significantly during his time and manages the front-end digital media and customer-facing marketing from his office in the south of France. The Agronomix Learning Centre, unique in this industry at its launch, has been a key part of his work in helping to make Agronomix the leader in plant breeding software.

Who is the Most Important Person in Your Company?

Have you ever met a CEO or company president that feels he or she is of celebrity status? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon these days. We live in a celebrity-centric world, where emphasis is put on what and how many events you attend, how many hands you shake, and the number of followers one has accumulated on social media.

Plant Breeding Software…on the Cloud

For 28 years Agronomix Software has been at the forefront of developing plant breeding data management software solutions, starting with the original AGROBASE. Since 2001 AGROBASE Generation II® has changed the way breeders around the world interact with their data and each year it gets better. Initially the Core System was available with the Advanced Statistics and Varietal …

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Plant Breeders Aren’t Robots, They’re Human

Each year, I spend several weeks analyzing data, navigating back and forth between Excel sheets and plugging in data. I have about a two-week window when this is all I do. I stop only to sleep and eat … and my family, well, they don’t see much of me during that time of year. That …

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