Dieter K Mulitze, PhD, Founder and CEO, Agronomix Software, Inc.

BSc in Crop Science, U of Guelph, then PhD in Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding, U of Saskatchewan, 1983. Post-doc at ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria, 1984-1986. Assistant and Associate Professor, Agronomy Dept., U of Nebraska, and Cereal Breeder, INRA, Morocco, 1986-1990. From 1990, CEO and Founder, Agronomix Software, Inc., Canada.

Statistical Analyses Trapped in Time – And It Could Really Cost You

when I was conducting yield trials as a plant breeder, drought seemed imminent a few months after planting. Rather than lose the entire trial, I requested sprinkler irrigation at the research station. Unfortunately, water pressure to the far end of the station wasn’t ideal, and there wasn’t a perfect fit for one of the pipe connections.

Relational Database: Jargon or Jewel?

Data management software for plant breeding has dramatically evolved during the past decade. Systems available in today’s marketplace offer added benefits, such as global access, varying security permissions and data configurations that developers a decade ago only dreamed of. Today’s plant breeding software can give scientists a true competitive edge.

Are You Losing 2.5 Weeks of Work?

We all know that plant breeding is a numbers game. Twenty years ago, a plant breeder would make as many crosses as possible, from hundreds to even thousands. As more crosses were made, so did the odds for success. While that notion still holds true, breeders are limited or empowered by their ability to work with these …

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Punch cards

How a Three-Minute Interview and Flight 155 Became Pivotal Career Moments

I am often asked how I ended up starting a software company for plant breeding. The quick answer I give is “an interview and a flight”. Honestly, it was never my plan even for a second, and looking back I can identify the critical moments. When we do such reflection, we can be surprised by …

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Agronomix Appoints New President

Winnipeg’s Agronomix Software, a developer of plant breeding software, has appointed Christopher Leonard as its new president. Since 2008 Leonard (Member of the Chartered Institute for IT, UK) has been an important part of the Agronomix team. His reach has been from basic support to web development; sales and service to accounts receivable. He was …

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