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Tracing Genes VITAL to Plant Breeding Success

Traceability, knowing what comes from where, is important is so many areas of business, especially in R&D. Here we consider the importance of tracing genes in a successful plant breeding process. Why is traceability important in plant breeding? One big reason: patented genes. When used in breeding, proof by audit is a requirement as to …

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The Importance of Quality Technical Support

Will Your Vendor’s Mission-Critical Support Rescue the Day? Providing quality technical customer support is crucial, often mission-critical. Suppose you suddenly are unable to print labels for your 20,000 plots and you must plant tomorrow. This is a mission-critical problem. Will your vendor be there for you? It can really cost you if they are not. …

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Breeding Software “Built Like a Rock”!

Is your plant breeding or variety testing software “built like a rock”? If you are a plant breeder and you are using dedicated plant breeding software, how do you know it is “built like a rock”? Is it reliable, not just daily but when crunch time comes? Previously we have asked if your plant breeding …

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The Future

The Future Is Now

Imagine if you could take thousands of data scores or observations in the field or laboratory and with just two clicks transfer it all, instantly and accurately, to a server or on the cloud. That would save time and speed up critical decision-making. That’s possible. With more mobility in the workplace and more devices, plant …

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