Business Development

Maintaining Client Connections

B2B, B2C? How about H2H? Acronyms Everywhere but not a Word in Sight! Most of us are quite familiar with the acronyms B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). But at Agronomix, we don’t think like that. We work on building H2H (Human to Human)and maintaining client connections. Yes, we are operating and …

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Climber holding on handhold while climbing cliff

Impact of growth on company’s Culture

Growth is an unavoidable process which many organizations have to undergo. To accommodate this growth, there are some processes that take place. For example: increase in cash flow, increase in number of employees, increase in departmental functions, increase in machineries and activities, and so forth. Such growth will translate to culture and change, where the …

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Strategic Alliance Agronomix Software & Progeny Drone

Agronomix Software & Progeny Drone launch strategic alliance on UAS data integration to accelerate plant breeding and agronomic research. September 2020 Leading Agricultural Research Software company teams with fast-growing startup on integrating outputs from its unique image stitching and data extraction application for images from Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS). To most effectively leverage aerial imagery …

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