Helen Booker, University of Saskatchewan

Helen Booker, University of Saskatchewan

Helen Booker

Helen Booker, Flax Breeder, University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Canada

I first used AGROBASE in 2009 after joining the Crop Development Centre (CDC) at the University of Saskatchewan.

The AGROBASE software was first developed at the CDC specifically for plant breeding programs. We use it routinely in the flax breeding program to prepare trial designs and to perform statistical analyses. The software functions allow for comparisons of genotypes (entries) across locations and years for multiple traits. We use datasets, which are easily exported, to prepare flax reports for pre-registration and post-registration trials. If more advanced statistics are required the software is also fully functional with Genstat and AsReml.

I really appreciate the support provided by the Agronomix team. When a couple of the breeding programs at the CDC required assistance to install the software onto our local intranet, support was efficiently provided.

Helen Booker is an Associate Professor and Flax Breeder at the College of Agriculture & Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan